The Art of Mapping - Every Day is Art Day

The Art of Mapping - Every Day is Art Day

At the moment we aren't running Sat-Art-Day at Mount Stuart, so we decided to create an online alternative for you to enjoy at home.

Hello! Today, I've been thinking about maps. I find them rather interesting as they can contain lots of information and be beautiful to look at too. Artists and designers from cultures across the world and over the centuries have been interested in maps.

At Mount Stuart there are some huge atlases containing very old maps, but the most spectacular map is the one of the night sky on the ceiling on the Marble Hall.

For this session, we’re going to take the idea of mapping as a starting point to let our imagination travel and creativity roam. The artist whose work has inspired this session is Ingrid Calame and you can read and see more about her work here.

As before you’ll see these wee films are made at home, with materials to hand so please forgive any glitches.

We hope you have fun creating your own mapping art, and can't wait to see what you will create!