Restoring Mount Stuart's Gardens

Restoring Mount Stuart's Gardens

It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year unlike any other. Everything has been affected by a global pandemic, and national lockdowns, even the grounds of Mount Stuart.

During lockdown, our gardening staff were furloughed, so much of the essential work we do here in the grounds and gardens had to be put on hold. Every garden, path, road and open space requires constant care to stay looking good. However, over the past few months, our gardens team have been working extremely hard to make up for a lost year.

Here's a summary of some of the key restorations we have undertaken this year:

The Kitchen Garden has gone radical transformation over the last 6 months to get everything growing again for the summer. Vast bedding areas have been weeded and turned over ready for planting the spring crops.

The policies and grounds are being mowed back to their former glory, and the rhododendrons are being mulched.

The Rock Garden and Wee garden are undergoing a change back to their former selves. in the next few weeks you will see the Rock Garden pond being completely cleared, and you may notice the Wee Garden paths being restored.

The Forestry team have had a very difficult job this year. An invasive plant called Rhododendron ponticum takes over any forested area if not controlled. The forestry team have been working to restore our beautiful forests in the grounds stopping the ponticum from spreading further and removing where it has grown.

Things to look out for when you visit

Look out for the tadpoles and frogs in the Rock Garden ponds at this time of year

look out for the tadpoles and frogs in the Rock Garden ponds.

See all of the fruit and vegetables that are being planted in the Kitchen Garden. This year, we are also introducing a new Cut flower garden we are developing over this coming year

Come see our amazing collection of species rhododendrons here at Mount Stuart, whenever you visit you can always guarantee flowers

Our Champion Tree Trail. Did you know, we have some of the biggest trees and shrubs in the UK?

* Please note that the public bus service is using a temporary stop in the gardens as the Visitor Centre area is under restoration including extensive weeding and replanting, so it does not look its best.