Plant of the Month: March 2023


Plant of the Month: March 2023

For our March 'Plant of the Month' gardener Agnieszka Sobiegraj has selected the Exochorda Racemosa, commonly known as Pearlbush or 'Magical Springtime'

The Exochorda Racemosa is an attractive magical springtime flowering shrub and is a species of plant from the Roseaceae (Rose) family as first described by English Botanist and Gardener, John Lindley.

This deciduous upright plant origins from China and Central Asia and is resistant to high temperatures and drought however also grows well in sheltered and partial shaded areas making it a perfect choice for garden borders. With its pale green foliage and arching branches the Exohorda Racemosa has more of a tree shape perfectly complimented by its large white flowers with multiple petals resembling beautiful white pearls prior to flowering, hence the name Pearlbush.

This gorgeous spring plant has just started to blossom in our captivating Rock Garden hosting a varied selection of Asian plants gathered by Jennifer Bute and the 6th Marquess.

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