Plant of The Month: March 2021

Plant of The Month: March 2021

Our team are always on the look out for new developments in the gardens. Each month, our Living Collections Manager, Graham, will be sharing some plants of interest with us.

March 2021: Sycopsis sinensis

Heralding the start of meteorological spring on March 1 our Plant of the Month is Sycopsis sinensis, also known as Chinese sycopsis or Chinese fighazel.

It’s an evergreen tree or shrub from the Hamamelidaceae family (witch hazel) originally from Asia, predominantly west and central China, described and validly published by Daniel Oliver in 1890 from a sample collected by William Griffith.

Sycopsis sinensis dislikes a north facing aspect but will tolerate other compass points in a sheltered position with moist but drained soil and can survive in temperatures as low as -12C.

It’s used as an ornamental tree, for screening, in mass plantings, or as an informal hedge making use of its 10cm leathery oval leaves and small clusters of yellow petal-less flowers which are now appearing.

This example is close to the House and was photographed this week on a day with a beautiful blue sky as background. Spring is here at last!