Mount Stuart Horoscopes

Mount Stuart Horoscopes

After all, it’s written in the stars...

The 12 stained glass windows in the Marble Hall each depict a sign of the zodiac, moving through the seasons on each side of the Hall. Designed by H.W. Lonsdale, each window depicts the constellation associated with a star sign enlivened with inserted cut prisms which reflect rainbows around the Marble Hall as the sun shines through them.

For a bit of fun, we’ve chosen a room in the house and an area of the garden based on the personality traits for each star sign. Each month we’ll post a new ‘Mount Stuart Horoscope’. Check back in to read yours and explore your perfect rooms and part of the Garden and make a plan to explore your horoscope on site when we are open again.


March 21 – April 20

In the Aries window a Golden Ram attempts to save twins Phryxus and Helle from being sacrificed to end a famine. Helle falls into the Dardanelles, also known as the Hellespont, during their flight and drowns. Phryxus later sacrifices the Ram to Aries, the God of War. His Golden Fleece, which Jason and the Argonauts are later sent to recover, is hung in a grotto in Colchis. The constellations of the River Eridanus and Cetus, the Whale are depicted beneath the figures.

Aries are confident and enthusiastic but can be impatient, impulsive and short-tempered, so which better room for you than the Henry VIII Bedroom named after the King who famously established a whole religion so he could get divorced. That’s confidence for you.

Those born under Aries are also known for their courage and determination so a stroll along our Shore Walk is your best bet. It’ll definitely be worth the effort.


21 April – 21 May

In this window Orion kneels before the bull Taurus wearing the pelt of a lion. Beside Orion are the constellations of Lepus, the Hare, and the river Eridanus. In Greek Mythology Taurus is associated with Zeus who disguised himself as a white bull to kidnap the Phoenician princess, Europa.

If you’re a Taurus you’re known for your practicality, patience and love of home comforts so why not enjoy the calm of the Swimming Pool. Just one of the many innovations at Mount Stuart, including a passenger lift and an early telephone system, it was the world’s first domestic, heated swimming pool and it still works!

Taureans’ have a strong sense of loyalty, steadfastness and perseverance so after a trip round the house head straight to the Rock Garden, you won’t have to go far and can climb through the tranquil ponds in this 2 acre garden designed by Thomas Mawson. The ingenuity and engineering required to create this amazing landscape of pools is a great example of the fruits of perseverance. The life of the Rock Garden continued into the 20th Century with many Asian plants added by the 6th Marquess and his wife Jennifer Bute.

In the Bute Family, Johnny, the current Marquess of Bute, and his brother Anthony are both Taureans.


21. May

Castor and Pollox were twins in Greek and Roman mythology with two fathers; Castor was the mortal son of the King of Sparta and Pollox was the immortal son of Zeus. Below them in the window are the constellations Canis Minor, with the star Procyon on his collar, and Monoceros, the Unicorn.

Geminis are famously indecisive but are quick to learn and adaptable so we’ve made the decision of where to head first for you: the Library! Peruse the titles on the shelves to assuage your curiosity. The oldest book in the Library is from 1193, the Ambrosii Epistola, ask a member of staff to point it out to you when you visit.

Once you’ve had your fill of the House head outside to the policies. The Upper and Lower Polices policies cover a huge area of our grounds so there’s no need to be indecisive here – explore to your heart’s content!

The 3rd Earl of Bute and the 4th Marquess were both Geminis. The 3rd Earl definitely had a curious mind – interested in many topics from art to horticulture, amassing a stunning collection of artworks and helping to establish Kew Gardens.