Lunar New Year - Every Day is Art Day

Lunar New Year - Every Day is Art Day

At the moment we aren’t running Sat-Art-Day at Mount Stuart, so we decided to create an online alternative for you to enjoy at home.

Happy Year of the Ox!

This week’s cold weather is perfect for making our ice stained glass windows from last week's Every Day is Art Day. Have you tried making your ice windows yet? You probably don’t even need to use the freezer, and your windows are likely to last longer outside.

But if you prefer to stay warm inside, why not celebrate Lunar New Year by making our Year of The Ox mini-sculpture!

As before you’ll see that these wee films are made at home, with materials to hand, so please forgive us for any glitches. And please use this as a starting point to let your imagination roam - what will you create to celebrate the new Lunar Year and the start of the Year of the Ox?

The possibilities are endless, so please share images of your artworks using #everydayisartday and we will share them on our Facebook page too.