Every Day is Art-Day

Every Day is Art-Day

At the moment we aren’t running Sat-Art-Day at Mount Stuart, so we decided to create an online alternative for you to enjoy at home.

Monster Puppets Week!

After Christmas, you might have some boxes, packaging, wrapping paper and ribbon leftover from the festivities. But before recycling your leftover materials, you might enjoy re-using some of these things in a fun way by creating crazy puppets and putting on a puppet show.

As well as leftover paper and card, scissors and masking tape will be useful for this activity too. You can keep it simple, or create something very elaborate - the choice is yours.

As always, the film is a springboard: let your imagination roam.

Please share images of your monster puppets and other fantastic artworks using #everydayisartday and we can share them on our Facebook page too.

We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy making your own monster puppets!

Christmas Wreath Week!

This week, we thought it would be fun to make a Christmas door decoration. You could use floristry wire and oasis or shop bought starter kits, but this simple version doesn't need anything more than string, scissors and greenery. Just be careful with jaggy holly & any plants that you are allergic to - gloves might help. Weather permitting, it might be fun to go on a gathering walk in the woods to find suitable materials. Just remember not to take any more than you'll need - a wee bit here, a wee bit there.

As always, the film is a springboard: let your imagination roam.

Please share images of your artworks using #everydayisartday and we can share them on our Facebook page too.

And watch out for our next film, which we'll post a few days after Christmas; a fun way to use packaging and scraps of wrapping paper.

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations Week!

This week, let's try making salt dough Christmas decorations; some for the top of a Christmas cake and others to hang from a tree. As always, the film is a springboard - let your imagination roam.

And remember, we're still running our Mount Stuart virtual Christmas tree from last week's video too, if you'd like to make a salt dough star.

Please share images of your artworks using #everydayisartday and we will share them on our Facebook page too.

Salt dough recipe:

2 heaped tablespoons of flour

1 heaped tablespoon of salt

1 tablespoon of water - and extra as required.

Also useful are:

A mixing bowl

A rolling pin

Cutters or a glass

A baking sheet or tin

Paints & brushes

And remember: There's no need to cook the dough, just leave it somewhere warm overnight to dry out. The larger your model the longer it might take to become hard.

Christmas Stars Week!

Following on from our deep space adventures, this week we’re thinking of Christmas stars. Usually at this time of year, in schools and at the Learning Studio, we make stars for decorating the Mount Stuart Christmas tree. Because we can’t be there this month, we’re going to make a virtual Christmas tree. Every time you make a star & post a picture of it with the #everydayisartday to Mount Stuart's Social channels, we add a star to the virtual tree. We’ll keep posting photos of the virtual tree right up until 21st December, so let’s see how full we can make it.

The first photo sent will be the star at the top of the tree.

And remember, the film is a springboard- let your imagination roam & make your star from whatever material you have handy.

Materials needed:

Milk packet









Space Week!

This week, as it is getting dark earlier and earlier I’m still thinking about the night sky and wondering what might be up there right now. And that reminds me too of the starry ceiling at Mount Stuart, even if we can’t visit at the moment.

In this project you can be scientific or mythological or fantastical- the choice is yours!

And as ever, we’d love to hear how you get on and see your photos of what you’ve made. The film is a springboard- let your imagination roam. Please share images using #everydayisartday

For different sorts of inspiration; you can see the Mount Stuart ceiling here.

And for images of real space stations, astronauts and planets here.

Materials needed

  • Tinfoil or shiny paper
  • Coloured paper- small pieces
  • Glue- pva or glue stick or double sided tape
  • A larger sheet of paper- any colour
  • Pencils, pens, etc decorate
  • And optionally; string or thread
  • Sellotape
  • Some sort of stick

Make your own mini-book!

This activity coincides with Scottish Book Week. Like all our family activities it is designed as a springboard for young and old together. This one involves some sharp cutting, so please take care and make sure an adult is involved.

As always, we love to hear how you get on and see your photos of what you made. Please send any pictures to us via our contact email address, or through our social channels.

Materials needed

  • A sheet of paper (ideally A4)
  • A (craft) knife
  • A cutting mat, chopping board or thick cardboard.
  • Pencils, pens, etc to write and decorate the book.