Baba Marta and the Signs of Spring - Every Day is Art Day

Baba Marta and the Signs of Spring - Every Day is Art Day

At the moment we aren't running Sat-Art-Day at Mount Stuart, so we decided to create an online alternative for you to enjoy at home.

Do you think Spring might be on its way?

Some of you might know about the Bulgarian tradition of Baba Marta, translated as Granny March, which is linked to the coming of spring. So, in the spirit of looking forward to new shoots, let's join the celebrations!

The wee video below will show you how to make Baba Marta bracelets (or as they are known in Bulgaria martenitsa) and other traditional decorations. The idea is that after making these, on the 1st of March - Baba Marta's special day - you give them (or maybe you could post them as a present) to friends and family. They should wear the bracelet until they see the first buds of spring growing on trees or bushes in the garden, in the woods or around and about. They then take off the bracelet and very carefully hang it on the tree.

It's best to use natural materials like wool or cotton string as they will biodegrade in time, and the traditional martenitsa colours to use are red and white if you can.

Some of you may remember making your own Baba Marta bracelets with us before. We loved seeing your photos then and would be delighted to see more this year, so please share them on Facebook with #everydayisartday and #babamarta - we will be looking out for martenitsa around the island!