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Dates Open 7 April to 30 September 2014
September 11.30am – 4.30pm
Last entry 3.30pm
On occasional dates throughout the season there will be no access to the house due to special events but our Gardens, Courtyard Gift Shop and Courtyard Tea Room will be open for business as usual.

Please note the Visitor Centre Restaurant will not be open during September.

Dates on which the house will be closed are as follows:

27 September.
Daily 10am - 6pm
Daily 10am - 6pm
September CLOSED
Courtyard Tea Rooms
Daily 11am - 5pm
Courtyard Gift Shop
Daily 11am - 5pm

The spirit of nineteenth-century invention is embodied in Mount Stuart – a feat of Victorian engineering, this neo-gothic mansion was one of the most technologically advanced houses of its age. Ironic, when you consider the medieval inspiration of the Gothic Revival.

The central heating system was in fact designed by extraordinary Victorian engineer Wilson Phipson, who had achieved fame by heating prominent buildings such as London's Royal Albert Hall. However the sheer magnitude of materials required for this audacious build - granite, sandstone, marble and tiling for the swimming pool, would necessitate a horse-drawn railway from Kerrycroy village to the fledgling house - a physical reminder of the practical scope of the project.