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Explore the Gardens and Grounds of Mount Stuart

Explore the Grounds

Mount Stuart hosts an incredible collection of both exotic and native flora spanning several spectacular gardens, each set against the dramatic backdrop of the Firth of Clyde. 

Bask in the individual characters of each, from mysterious woodlands to vibrant landscapes, as you wander around our occasionally peculiar policies.

Wildflower meadows and a distinctly west-coast shoreline wilderness provide an apt contrast to the carefully composed beauty of our lawns and gardens. The lower policies can be explored from the shore walk, leading you through a mixture of both broadleaf and conifer, indigenous and international trees.

'Policies' is a peculiarly Scottish word which refers to the pleasure grounds around a mansion.

At Mount Stuart, it describes the wooded areas stretching away along the drive and Forty-Five Avenue down towards the Firth of Clyde; the very first part of the gardens laid out when the 2nd Earl moved from Rothesay.

Each year, the trees give shelter to carpets of vivid daffodils, followed by prolific bluebells. Architectural features too can be found dotted around woodland walks - from the coastal village of Kerrycroy to Augusta's column; a striking dedication to the Dowager Princess of Wales.

Plants are available for purchase direct from the Gardens between 9am and 4pm Monday to Thursday and between 9am and 3pm on Fridays.  Customers can ring the Gardens on 502016 for details of what is available and prices.

Customers can place orders for fruit and vegetables, when available in season, by ringing the Gardens’ office.  Orders will then be delivered twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday) to Ritchies for collection by customers.  Details of produce and price list available from Ritchies.

So Many Gardens To See

Follow in the footsteps of the Victorian plant hunters and marvel at the realisation of their vision.

Recognised as some of the finest gardens in Europe - from seeds to tall trees, herbaceous to hot house, follow streams to shore line, and woodlands to wetlands, walled gardens to Wee gardens - and with every step, make delightful discoveries of your own.

The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden was designed by the English landscape architect Thomas H Mawson in the late 1890s, look out for his trademark water features which are considered an ingenious feat of Victorian engineering.

The Wee Garden

A quintessentially secret garden, for solitude and a few moments of reflection, this is a must-see corner of the grounds and everyone’s favourite.  

Plan your visit to allow sufficient time to find refuge and be enchanted by the delightful Wee Garden.

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden nurtures a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers and home to our happy company of chickens and bees. Here you'll also find the fabulous David Austin new English rose. 


Garden Map (pdf, 1342KB)

Explore the gardens with our handy map

Dates 25 March – 30 October 2016
Mon, Tue, Thur Guided tours hourly: 11.30am - 3.30pm
Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun Free flow admission: 12.00pm - 4.00pm
last entry 3.00pm
Dates 25 March – 30 October 2016
Times 10:00am - 5:00pm
Dates 25 March – 30 October 2016
Dates 25 March – 30 October 2016
Courtyard Tea Room 11:00am - 4:30pm