The Pinetum

Generations of nature

A fascinating mix of native and globally-sourced trees await in this atmospheric woodland, which reaches right down to the shore. We have trees from 13 different countries, and the Pinus Corsican Pine and Nootka Cypress are among our champion trees – the tallest of their kind in the UK.

Victorian to modern day

There are two pinetum collections to explore: one mature, and one more recently added. The Victorian pinetum was pioneering when first established, with imposing conifers gathered from around the world. The newer collection was planted in the 1980s by the 6th marquess, in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. With over 800 conifers, it’s one of Britain’s richest collections.

Guarded with passion and expertise

Like all of our gardens, the pinetum is carefully maintained by our dedicated gardening team. This passion for plant life goes back generations at Mount Stuart. This is evident from the variety of trees that span the years, and continue to flourish today.

Arboriculture Conferences at Mount Stuart

This year, we held a series of Arboricultural conferences.

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