The Zodiac Windows - Summer

GEMINI 22th May – 21st June

The heavenly twins are Castor and Pollux, or Polydeuces. Castor is 45 light years away, and Pollux, 36 light years. At their feet is Canis Minor with Procyon on his collar. Canis Major does not appear since he is between the Unicorn and Orion, where the wall is. The brightest star in the sky is in Canis Major. It is Siruis the dog star, and is 26 times more powerful than the sun but only 8.6 light years away. Below Procyon is the constellation of the Unicorn, Monoceros. Leda was the twins’ mother. Their fathers were different. Since one father was the God Zeus, Castor was mortal and Polydeuces was immortal. They were raised to the constellations to keep them together after death.

CANCER 22nd June – 23rd July

The crab with HERCULES (ΗΡAΚλΗС). One of Hercules’ tasks was to kill the 9 headed sea snake, the Hydra. When a head was cut off, it grew back again – Hercules strangled it. Hera, the chief goddess, had a grudge against Hercules, because her husband, Zeus, had fathered him from another woman. She sent the crab to impede him. He killed them both, and all three were made constellations. The Hydra is the longest constellation, stretching from Libra through to Cancer. The bright star in the eye of the Hydra’s head is called ‘The Solitary One’.

LEO 24th July – 23rd August

The Lion. One of Hercules’ tasks was to kill the Nemean lion, whose skin was so tough no weapon could pierce it. He strangled it, and used the hide as armour. Both he and the lion were made into constellations. With them are the Sextant and the poop of the Argo. The rest of the Argo is in the Southern Hemisphere. Part of the Hydra (the longest constellation) is seen here. The brightest star is Regulus. The Lion’s eye is Denebola.

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