The Zodiac Windows - Spring

PISCES 20th February – 20th March

The Fish are seen with APHRODITE (ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ) the Goddess of Love, who was born in the sea. At the top corner is TYPHON (ΤΥΦΑΨΝ), surrounded by fire, who causes Typhoons. He was a Titan, a monster, and the father of troublesome creatures such as the Nemean Lion and the Hydra. Zeus eventually destroyed him. Aphrodite was born when drops of blood from the dying Uranus fell in the ocean. At the bottom is the tail of Cetus the whale, a long constellation, with the longer constellation, Eridanus. The most famous star in Cetus is the variable star, Mira, which occasionally rivals Sirius in brightness. The head of the whale appears in the Aries window.

ARIES 20th March – 20th April

The ram of the Golden Fleece. He rescued the two children, PHRYXUS (ΦРIΞОС) and HELLE (ЄλλΗ) by jumping over a narrow strait with them on his back. Helle fell off and was drowned. The Hellespont was named after her. Phryxus later sacrificed the ram to Aries, the God of War, hanging the fleece in a grotto dedicated to him at Colchis. This was the Golden Fleece which Jason and the Argonauts had to recover later. At the bottom of the window is a long constellation, Eridanus the river, with the head of Cetus the whale.

TAURUS 21st April – 21st May

The Bull. He is seen with EUROPA (ЄΥРΨПН), whom Zeus, in bull-form tried to seduce. She escaped to Crete where she married the King. The Minoans later named Europe after her. In the bottom corner, is the constellation of Orion the hunter who hardly peeps above the horizon in the summer months. The gigantic star at the bottom is Rigel, 900 light years away and 60,000 times more powerful than the sun. On the hilt of the sword, is Bellatrix. On the shoulder, is Betelgeuse, 310 light years away. The star cluster forming his earring is Lambda Orionis. The Bull’s eye is Aldebaran. Orion’s belt forms the red rag he holds up to the Bull. Lepus the hare is there, as is part of Eridanus, the river, a long constellation.

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