The Zodiac Windows - Autumn

VIRGO 24th August – 23rd September

Her real name was Erigone. Her father, Icarius, who appears at the bottom of the window, discovered the art of making wine. When he intoxicated his friends, they, thinking that they had been poisoned, murdered and buried him under a tree. The grief-stricken Erigone hung herself from the tree, having prayed to Hera that the virgins of Athens would also hang themselves one by one until the culprits were caught. Hera granted this and made Erigone into a constellation. Other constellations here are Columba the dove, Corvus the crow, The Crater, which is Dionysus’ wine cup, and part of the Hydra, the longest constellation. The brightest star is Spica, 2000 times more powerful than the sun and 250 light years away – represented by the sheaf of spices.

LIBRA 24th September – 23rd October

The sign used to be called Scorpio’s Claws. The balance represents the autumn equinox, when night and day are equal length. Scorpio is disturbing the balance of the scales. The babies being swung are NIGHT (НМЄРА) and DAY (ΝΥΞ). Lupus the wolf is here, playing with the tail of the Hydra, the longest constellation. The brightest star is Libris Beta. The pine cone is the head of Dionysus’ thyrsus, was a type of wand, associated with Dionysus and is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, hedonism.

SCORPIO 24th October – 22nd November

The Scorpion is being naughty. He is trying to sting ARTEMIS (ΑΡΤΕΜΙC), the Goddess of the moon and hunting, who has the crescent moon for her bow. His claws go into Libra’s window to disturb the balance of her scales. Most of Scorpio is in the Southern Hemisphere and is never well seen from our latitude. Antares is the leader star. The sting star is Shaula.

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