Stumping at Mount Stuart

06th February 2020

Stumping at Mount Stuart

When a tree dies or has to be taken down for other reasons, the temptation is to cut it down close to ground level and then leave the resulting tree stump (with its roots) in the ground, as it’s a lot easier, quicker and cheaper than digging the tree out. However, Mount Stuart Trust are working to remove stumps across the gardens, as they can lead to other problems, as we explain below.

Remaining stumps can produce suckers – new shoots and stems arising from the still living stump. These can arise several feet away from the stump, and interfere with other living species through the surrounding gardens.

Even when stumps are no longer living, they are still a danger. Although they may not be able to produce suckers, dead stumps can become a host to the difficult to control honey fungus disease. Once in the garden, honey fungus can spread to living plants, which will kill them.