Wild Garlic, and how you can use it

20th March 2020

Wild Garlic, and how you can use it

Over the next few weeks, our Courtyard Cafe Head Chef Campbell McFadyen will be sharing some of his favourite recipes and tricks for dishes that can be created with limited ingredients in the cupboard.

While our shops are struggling to keep up with demand for fresh produce we only have to look outside our windows and watch our gardens, parks and woodlands come alive and bring some spring cheer to an otherwise challenging time.

"This week, I'd like to shine a spotlight on a natural commodity bursting with flavour & colour.....Wild Garlic!

Here are some simple ideas to utilise this wonderful and free ingredient to bring some fresh new life to your food during these difficult times. Happy Picking!"


Bash, or blend, this free & plentiful ingredient with a little bit of Hard Cheese (ideally Parmesan, but any hard-ish cheese will do), mix with olive oil, pine nuts (cashew or hazelnuts work well too!) and some good old salt and pepper. You'll have a tasty and healthy sauce to mix through any pasta or rice. To level up, mix through your favourite pastry dish.

Garlic Butter

It really is as simple as it sounds....Chop a handful of wild garlic up, and mix through softened butter!

Use this to make homemade garlic bread, sauté mushrooms in the mixture, or even fry the mix into yesterday's leftover potatoes. Another trick is to toss a little knob of homemade garlic butter through some cooked peas...this really tastes like springtime for Campbell, 2 great ingredients making one fresh taste.


Why not use these bright green leaves to bring some extra punch to a humble potato soup? Just roughly chop the washed leaves of the garlic, and add when the soup is nearly ready. Be aware, if you add these leaves too a soup mix too early you will lose a lot of the flavour. So don’t be too keen and save the best til last!