Team Preview of the Rothesay Pavilion

10th February 2020

Team Preview of the Rothesay Pavilion

Last week, staff from The Mount Stuart Trust enjoyed a fabulous day touring the restored Rothesay Pavilion on Bute.

Colin Boag, Donna Chisholm and Charlotte Rostek with the Feather Productions team at the Pavilion

With its glorious views overlooking Rothesay’s stunning coastline, pleasure gardens and promenade, the Pavilion’s soaring presence and comprehensive footprint comprising ballroom, conference and entertainment hall represent a tangible expression of Bute’s vibrant social and economic past.

The building’s bold design celebrated Rothesay’s brave ambitions and established position as one of Scotland’s most popular holiday resorts. In sharp contrast to the island’s more prominent Gothic and Victorian architecture, the Pavilion’s modern, futuristic style influenced contemporary artists, architects and designers, who were at that time experimenting with the fusion of fine art and industrial design.

Following the post-World War One turmoil of social and industrial change, the artistic community took inspiration from the ideal that art and design can create positive social impact on an industrial scale.

Today, The Pavilion is undergoing an architectural restoration.

Find out more about the works on the Rothesay Pavilion here.