Plants of the week- July

11th July 2019

Plants of the week- July

Our team are always on the look out for new developments in the gardens. Each week, our Living Collections Manager, Graham, will be sharing some points of interest with us.

4th July

Solanum crispum

Within the Wee Garden at Mount Stuart is this beautiful Solanum crispum or Chilean Potato Tree which started flowering in April and is now peaking. The hanging juvenile flower buds once open will turn upwards to face the sun and display fragrant violet-blue star shaped 5-lobed flowers with prominent stamens.

As part of the Solanaceae family it’s related to potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines but also to nightshade, and thus poisonous!

11th July

Melaleuca pallida

This Melaleuca pallida was collected from Tasmania in 1995 and now lives happily in the Wee Garden. Also known as the lemon bottle brush – for obvious visual reasons – this scented beauty is much loved by bees. From the Myrtaceae family (myrtles) it’s related to Eucalyptus and needs full sun to thrive.

18th July

Illicium Henryi

A beautiful Illicium henryi grows in the dappled shade in the Rock Garden, it’s a member of the Schisandraceae family, is native to Southern China but is happy to be so far from home. Best known for being used in Chinese medicine for many centuries for treatments such as rheumatoid arthritis, it’s now being studied by western science for its anti-inflammatory properties to help treat several conditions. Illicium henryi is related to Illicium verum, star anise, used to flavour food and wine.