Plant of the Season

04th September 2019

Plant of the Season

Since the summer is slipping towards autumn we thought we’d bring a special plant to your attention as it looks amazing just now and is much admired and enquired about.

In the grounds of the Mount Stuart Visitor Centre you’ll find Hydrangea “Merveille Sanguine”, a medium sized, deciduous flowering shrub with large oval leaves, bronzed green in spring which in autumn take on a deep red cast. Although the foliage is very attractive it’s upstaged by the stunning mophead flowers which, given Mount Stuart’s soil’s acidity level, are a unique shade of cassis with a central boss of violet blue. A true show stopper!

Hydrangea “Merveille Sanguine” was first spotted by our Living Collection Manager, Graham, on a visit to Logan Botanic Gardens in Stranraer twenty years ago; so impressed was he that he purchased one for his own garden, then in 2007 chose to introduce twenty to the Visitor Centre grounds.

A loose translation of merveille sanguine is bloody wonderful; if you’ll forgive us, that’s what we’d describe it as too!