The 2019 Scottish National Sheepdog Trials come to Bute

13th August 2019

The 2019 Scottish National Sheepdog Trials come to Bute

The Mount Stuart Trust is pleased to be sponsoring the 2019 Scottish National Sheepdog Trials. The event will be held in Kingarth, Isle of Bute, between the 21st and 24th August this year.

Sheepdog trials are not intended as a succession of 'tricks' or gimmicky obstacles, but rather a practical demonstration of the skills the dog uses every day of their working life.

During a sheepdog trial, dogs are guided through a series of commands to complete a variety of tasks which reflect their everyday work with a packet of sheep. Each handler will have a preference when giving their commands, either by voice, by whistle, or a combination of both. This has changed very little over the years, and the shepherds of yesterday would easily recognise the requirements of today’s handlers’ competition. Expect to see the top class handlers of Scotland at this event.

Although Sheepdog Trials are a test of a breeder's skill, breeding is of paramount importance. The event helps breeders to compare their dog's abilities, leading to an understanding of which breed lines are producing the most able dogs. For many years dogs have been bred to develop the traits of intelligence, stamina and obedience, and the event is a testament to the end result of the breeder's labours, and is the endless delight of those who compete and those who spectate. The finest example is the breed known as the Border Collie.

The Sheepdog event will run from Wednesday 21st, to Saturday 24th August, with a diverse range of trials. Alongside sponsorship, The Mount Stuart Trust are providing land for the event in the Kingarth area of the Island. Refreshments will be available at the event alongside a local Isle of Bute craft tent- providing fun for all the family.

No Sheepdog Trials event would be complete without a prize. There will be trophies for the winners of each category, and the best handlers from this event will go through to compete in the presitigous International sheepdog trials next month.

Visitors to the event can also get discounted entry to Mount Stuart's House and Gardens.

For more information, visit the Scottish National Sheepdog Trials website.