Park Run launches on the Isle of Bute.

28th August 2019

Park Run launches on the Isle of Bute.

The Mount Stuart Trust is delighted to be hosting the Isle of Bute's first ever Parkrun.

With community at its heart, Parkrun is all about inclusiveness and wellbeing. Following a simple concept: to turn up each Saturday and walk, jog or run 5k. Adults of all ages and physical abilities are encouraged to participate- it doesn’t matter how fast you go or what you’re wearing, the only thing that matters is taking part. Taking part is so simple. All you have to do is register once, print your barcode, then turn up.

The Parkrun series is recognised across the globe, with runs taking place every weekend in over 20 countries all around the world. Now, you can take part on the Isle of Bute. Organised by a group of dedicated local volunteers, (also known as the hi-vis heroes.) Parkrun is completely free to join.

For information and registration, see the Parkrun website here.