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Pinus nigra ssp laricio

Corsican Pine

Corsican Pine An evergreen conifer from the Mediterranean region and north Africa. Growing to around 50m and living for many centuries. Grown commercially for timber. Our specimen is 46.5m in height and was planted around 1864.

Corsican Pine

Xanthocyparis nootkatensis

Nootka Cypress

An evergreen conifer from western north America. Reaching around 30m in the wild and can live for 1000's of years. Timber is durable and valuable for boat building and other outside construction. Our specimen is 34.8m high and planted around 1864.

Nootka Cypress

Taxus cuspidata

Japenese Yew

An evergreen conifer similar to our native yew. It hales from Japan and the neighbouring mainland of the Asian continent. Growing to around 18m high and a girth around 60cm diameter. Timber is used for furniture, carving and wood turning. Our specimen is 12.4m high and a girth of 2.2m.

Japanese Yew

Rhododendron falconeri

An evergreen flowering tree/shrub from the Eastern Himalayas, reaching 15m in the wild. Produces creamy yellow white flowers in April. The beautiful orange brown covering of felt like hairs on the back of the leaves is called indumentum. This helps the leaves control water loss and surface temperature. Our plant is 10.6m high and has a girth of 1.59m

Rhododendron Falconeri

Rhododendron arboreum f alba

An evergreen flowering Tree/shrub from the Himalayas, China and India growing to around 12m high. White flowers are produced through March to April. Flowers used for jams, jellies and for brewing of wine. Our plant is 10.8m high and has a girth of 2.7m.

Rhododendron Arboreum F Alba

Rhododendron decorum

Great White Rhododendron

Evergreen flowering tree/shrub from China and Myanmar.Growing to 6m in height. Produces fragrant white flowers in June and July. Our plant is 5.80m high and has a girth of 2.63m.

Rhododendron Decorum

Sorbus sargentiana

Sargent's Rowan

Decidious tree from China growing to 16m high produces white flowers in May and red berries in autumn along with Firey tones of autumn colour. Our plant is 9.6m high and has a girth of 1.25m

Sargent's Rowan

Weinmannia trichosperma


Evergreen flowering tree from Chile and Argentina. Growing to 30m high. Panicles of fragrant white flowers are produced in May followed by coppery red seed heads. In its native range bees produce a beautiful tasting Honey from the flowers. Our tree is 8.8m tall and has a girth of 1.14m.


Rhododendron niveum

Snowy Rhododendron

An Evergreen flowering tree/shrub from India Bhutan and China. Growing to 6m high.Flowers are produced during April and are a deep magenta on opening fading to a creamy white in time.It is the state flower for the Sikkim region of India.Our plant is 11.5m high and has a girth of1.05m

Rhododendron Niveum

Alnus viridis subsp. sinuata

Sitka Alder

Decidious tree from North America growing to 12m high. Bark from the tree was used by native peoples to attain a red dye for wool and animal hide clothing. Alders are beneficial trees for sites with poor soils as the trees fix nitrogen from the air and stores it in nodules in the roots.our tree is 6.8m high and has a girth 3m.

Sitka Alder

Persea lingue


An Evergreen flowering tree from Chile and Argentina. Growing to a height of 25m. Flowers small

Persea Lingue

Pittosporum eugenioides 'Variegatum'

Variegated Tarata

Evergreen flowering tree/shrub .A Cultivated form of a New Zealand native.growing to a height of 12m One of its common names is lemon wood as the crushed leaves have a strong scent of lemon. The very fragrant yellow flowers are produced during April/May. our specimen is 10.8m high and has a girth of 1.42m.

Variegated Tarata

Olearia paniculata

Daisy Bush

An Evergreen flowering tree/shrub from New Zealand growing to 7.5m high. It has attractive pealing bark and fragrant Vanilla scented flowers which are produced in late autumn. Our plant is 12.8m high and has a girth of 3.28m.

Daisy Bush

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