Plant of The Month: July 2021

Plant of The Month: July 2021

Our team are always on the look out for new developments in the gardens. Each month, our Assistant Head Gardener, Graham, will be sharing some plants of interest with us.

July 2021: Cornus kousa “Rosea”

Many summertime visitors to Mount Stuart go home with a photograph standing in front of a shrub next to the Rock Garden, the beautiful Cornus kousa “Rosea”, flowering dogwood or more poetically, the Szechuan strawberry.

The species kousa hails from the Far East of the Cornaceae family, can grow to 7m in height and this variety “Rosea” originated in the RHS garden of Rosemoor in Devon.

Cornus kousa gives all year long : pretty leaves until late autumn, stunning blossom in early summer – technically bracts not flowers – and brightly coloured bark in winter. In autumn and winter birds feed from the bright red fruits of its vitamin C-bearing cornelian cherries. It’s an undemanding plant which requires little effort and grows best when it is planted solitary.

In the summer of 2018 our shrub didn’t flower at all, thought to have been as a result of the Beast from the East in March that year, but thankfully it returned to its pink beauty the following year and continues to delight staff and visitors alike.