August's Object of the Month- Whose Shoes?

August's Object of the Month- Whose Shoes?

This pair of shoes was found on 22 February 2006. One shoe was found under the floorboards of the garden staircase, the other under the floorboards of the Drawing Room. They look very old and dirty and the leather feels very hard. Other than that we don’t know anything about these shoes and we wonder if you may be able to help us tell their story.

Who do you think the shoes might have belonged to?
Did they both belong to the same person?
How did they end up under the floorboards?
What were they doing during their ‘working life’?

Help us solve the mystery by sending us your story about these shoes. Every story submitted will be entered into our object of the month prize draw. The winning story will receive a family ticket for Mount Stuart,to come and visit the shoes in person. Entries close 31st August at 5pm, and the winner will be notified by Tuesday, 3rd September- good luck!