Visual Arts Programme: A Message from our Emerging Artist

14 January 2019

Hi, my name is Malcolm Mackenzie. I am an artist who has been in residence on the Isle of Bute, as part of Mount Stuart’s Visual Arts Programme. I have been spending time exploring your island, getting to know a few folk and have spent time in the three primary schools, doing ‘My Island’ workshops. During the workshops the children imagined they left the Isle of Bute by boat, and sailed back 10,000 years. After sailing through a storm, the skies cleared and they had discovered their very own island. I asked them to imagine what their island would be like in the future. Each pupil made a chart of their island, and drew and wrote down some of their ideas, onto cotton charts. The ideas and creations were amazing and I will have a chance to share these with you at the end of the project, along with our Schools Ship which I built over Christmas, with input from the school kids who were in my workshops.

Now I am hoping you will take part. With your real life island in mind, what does its future hold? What are your wishes, ideas and hopes for this magical place, say 25 years from now? You can leave a message on the project phone which is a virtual number with a 01700 prefix and it is completely anonymous. I will also be out and about around the island with a phone booth George and I have built, and you can use this phone to leave your message. I will also have pen and paper, if you wish to write down your ideas.

The number to call is 01700 598 404

At the end of the project in a few weeks time I would like to share your messages with the island. I haven’t decided how yet!

Please share, many thanks