Seed trials in the Kitchen Garden

Seed trials in the Kitchen Garden

Mount Stuart has a thriving Kitchen Garden. As the first garden you see when you walk from the visitor centre to the house, the fragrance and colour from the gardens during the summer months is hard to miss.

Leading the development of this area are gardeners Dot Cullinane and Lisa MacFarlane. Over the past few months, along with the regular seasonal produce, they have been trialling unique seeds.

Since beginning this summer, the team have managed to grow new species of Tomatoes, including the black looking Indigo Rose, and bright pepper-shaped Sun Gold Varieties. They have also managed to grow a pomegranate tree in the garden glasshouse (which has since produced fruit) and an olive tree.

Pomegranates and olives are often associated with much warmer climates, making the prosperity of the new additions more impressive. The team's efforts were often intercepted by the family of local hares in the garden, one of which has grown immensely since the team began work on the garden beds.

The Kitchen Garden is where our café sources its fresh produce, which inspires the team to try growing different varieties for fruit and veg for the following year. The trials are always ongoing in the gardens, so watch this space for more varieties in the future.