Paintings from the Bute Collection on worldwide loan

Paintings from the Bute Collection on worldwide loan

Our head of collections, Charlotte Rostek, was invited to give a lecture at the Berlinische Galerie Museum in June. The gallery is the second venue (after the Staedel Museum in Frankfurt) hosting the enormously successful exhibition ‘Face to Face’ showcasing works by the German expressionist painter Lotte Laserstein. Laserstein’s career in Germany was on the rise in the late 1920s before she left Nazi-run Germany for exile in Sweden. Recognition of her talent came late in life and continues to gather momentum posthumously. The Bute Collection holds two pivotal works by the artist painted in 1929/1930 which are on loan to the exhibition.

Our Lotte Laserstein paintings have since made their way to Kiel, northern Germany. Charlotte will be giving a talk at the exhibition on the 19th January 2020.

The first retrospective exhibition in the Netherlands of the famous 17th-century painter Pieter de Hooch will be presented at the Museum Prinsenhof Delft. Together with Johannes Vermeer, Pieter de Hooch is widely considered to be the most celebrated Delft master of the 17th century. Our Pieter de Hooch painting will be joining the others in the Delft exhibition, and it will open on the 11th October 2019.

George Stubbs ‘All done from Nature’ exhibition at the Milton Keynes Gallery presents the first significant overview of Stubbs’s work in Britain for more than 30 years. The exhibition will bring together 100 paintings, drawings and publications from the National Gallery’s Whistlejacket, to the pieces that have never been seen in public. Our wonderful George Stubbs painting will be leaving the Bute Collection to join the exhibition, and this will be opening on the 11th October 2019.

Our map of Singapore will also be travelling back to Singapore for an exhibition celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of modern Singapore. The exhibition will launch at the end of the month in the National Library of Singapore, and our archivist, Lynsey Nairn, will be travelling with the map to supervise with the installation. In addition to this, the PM of Singapore has also requested permission to use the map during his upcoming speech, along with the education board asking permission to reproduce the map in primary school books.