Cut Flower trials in the Kitchen Garden

Cut Flower trials in the Kitchen Garden

Mount Stuart has a thriving Kitchen Garden. As the first garden you see as you enter the policies, the fragrance and colour from the gardens during the summer months is hard to miss.

Leading the development of this area are gardeners Dot Cullinane and Lisa MacFarlane. Alongside the regular fruit and vegetable crop produced each year, the Gardens team are working to create a cut flower garden in 2021.

Since January the team have been busy sowing lots of different types of seeds- From annuals and perennials to shrubs. And over the course of this summer we will be trialling plants for use as cut flowers, with the view to eventually sell these to local suppliers and visitors.

So far, the team have successfully grown Chrysanthemums, Echinops, Carnations, Eryngiums and lots of different Dahlia varieties. Some of the Dahlia varieties we are growing are unique to Rothesay, having been bred by Listers plant nursery which now no longer exists.

The team have also started to grow a number of shrubs for providing the foliage to the cut flowers. The shrubs of choice will be Eucalyptus, Willow and Pittosporum

Following the initial year of trials, the best cut flower varieties will continue to be grown in the coming years. The team are particularly looking for flowers that do well in our mild (and occasionally) wet climate. Stay tuned for to find out what we grow here at Mount Stuart.