National Poetry Day 2017

28 September 2017

In celebration of #nationalpoetryday  students from Rothesay Academy wrote a group poem with poet Gerry Loose in the style of a Japanese renga! Inspired by the seasons and the natural world each short verse is linked to the one that precedes.

those fallen apples in the overgrown orchard
each one has its wasp

black and yellow stripes
as the sun strikes

the mansion sits at the top of the lawn
half seen as the fog creeps along

tea cups waiting to be filled
popcorn waiting to be eaten

hot steaming cups of cocoa
children playing with cards and uno by vanishing light and flames of yellow

good reactions to bad presents
the wood crackling as the heat increases

scraping my brother off the cold ground
brushing away the snow from his knees and wiping away the tears

Bunnies hopping
Christmas chocolate still to be eaten

new life in the world
longer days still it rains

excited tourists on the steamer
yet still it hits the pier