International Museum Day: 30 Objects – Anti-Jacobite Prints

05 May 2017

For International Museum Day on 18 May our Head of Collections, Alice, has chosen her top 30 objects from Mount Stuart’s Collections which we’ll bring to you throughout the Month. Ranging from books, furniture, silver-work, paintings and documentation from hundreds of years of Stuart family life, this barely scratches the surface of our Collections so make sure to plan your visit and experience it for yourself!

Mount Stuart’s extensive collection of satirical prints and engravings includes this example of an Anti-Jacobite print issued in November 1745. The print, which is hand-coloured, shows Bonnie Prince Charlie losing the fight to outweigh the combined forces of the Magna Carta and the Bible, while the personifications of Britannia, Liberty and Justice look on. The Jacobite side is bolstered by the figures of the Catholic nations of France and Spain as well as their perceived master the Pope in Rome. The quote is version of a phrase from the Book of Daniel “Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting”.

Anti-Jacobite print issued in November 1745

At this time the Jacobite armies had hitherto largely met with success having defeated the government forces at the Battle of Prestonpans the previous month but trouble was brewing because of a lack of support promised by the French, leading many Jacobite’s to return to Scotland.

The months following this publication saw an end to any real hope for the Jacobite cause. Bonnie Prince Charlie fled back to the exile in the French Court after the final battle at Culloden in 1745. The following years would see the Vatican make concerted efforts to improve diplomatic ties with the Hanoverian monarchy.

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