Top 10 things to do on our Shore Walk

1. Spot one of the world’s biggest necklaces!
‘Shadow of a Necklace’ by Kate Whiteford, part of our 2001 Visual Arts programme, is situated on the main lawn. The drawing was cut into the ground and filled with silver sand and in 2003, it was seeded with grass seed. Look out for patches of lush clover which form the outline of the necklace. Find out more about our Visual Arts Programme here.

2. Enjoy the spectacular views from the lawn to the River Clyde

3. Skim a stone at the beach
How many bounces can you do? Why not challenge family and friends to a competition?

4. Go rock pooling
Late spring to early autumn is the best time to go rock pooling, grab a bucket and net from our Courtyard and discover what’s dwelling in the depths! Look out for shrimps, crabs and sea anemones.
Make sure to wear suitable footwear and be aware of the tides.

5. Build your very own Mount Stuart House!
Collect a bucket and space from the Courtyard and create your own sand masterpiece. Snap a photo and tag #mountSANDart

6. Enjoy paddling in the Clyde
Roll up your trousers and enjoy a paddle in the River Clyde. Jump over the waves, who can jump the highest?

7. Go fossil hunting
Along the shore line are cascading strata of sandstone, this 400 million year old rock started life as tropical bog land near the South Pole in modern day Antarctica – ideal conditions for forming fossils. Don’t forget to share your finds with the team; we’d love to see them.

8. Spot our resident wildlife
The estate is a haven for wildlife and the shore is no exception. Look out for; seals, oyster catchers, herons, seagulls and porpoises. How many can you spot?

9. Go beachcombing
From sea glass to shells, driftwood to messages in bottles, there’s a whole world of treasure to discover on our private beach!

10. For adventurous explorers, take up the challenge to find the 3rd Marquess’s lost ‘whisky’ well
The 3rd Marquess regularly enjoyed a short walk to this well to collect fresh spring water for his whisky. Can you uncover this hidden Bute treasure?
Clue: the well is situated close to Racer’s Burn where it meets Beech Avenue.