23 March 2017

Now summer is in full swing, although it doesn’t always feel like it in the rain, our garden is at it’s most glorious with some of our most astounding plants in full bloom! Our Living Collections Manager, Graham, has given us a short-list of some of his favourite plants from our gardens and grounds. Make sure to pay us a visit before summer is over to see the full impact of these magnificent flowers!

1. Hoheria glabrata

Hoheria glabrata is also known as mountain lacebark or ribbonwood and is native to New Zealand. Our plant, just off the 45 Avenue, is a county champion and flowers with beautiful, fragrant white blooms. The leaves have a distinctive heart shape and serrated edges which differentiates them from other species such as Hoheria sexstylosa which flowers in our gardens in August and is also a Scottish and county champion.

2. Mitraria coccinea

In the Wee Garden Mitraria coccinea is sending its trailing creepers out, covered in gorgeous red flowers. Originally from the rain forests of Chile this climber does well in our mild climate. Examples of this plant have reached 25ft very close to Mount Stuart at Arduaine Garden in Argyll!

3. Araujia sericifera

In the Glass Pavilion Araujia sericifera is flowering with creamy, pink blushed white blooms. Native to South America this plant is pollinated by moths which sometimes get trapped in the flowers by their proboscis giving rise to the sericifera’s common name; the ‘cruel vine’.

4. Rhodo trichathum

Recently identified in our grounds is an example of Rhodo trichathum. This species is from Sichuan Province in China  with bright purple flowers and leaves covered in soft hairs which give them an almost velvet feel. Our collection of rhododendrons is extensive with many country champions and plants pre-dating the building of Mount Stuart itself, so the job of cataloguing is an ongoing and significant task for our gardens team!

Plan your visit to see all these amazing plants and more in our magnificent 300 acre grounds by heading to our Visiting page here!