Marble Hall

Magnificent Marble

Soaring to a height of 80 feet the Marble Hall is constructed from rare Italian and Sicilian marble and alabaster.

Themes for astrology and astronomy grace the stunning vaulted ceiling of the marble hall.  Look up and you will see 'the stars in their courses' mapped above you, as well as remarkable stained glass windows depicting the signs of the zodiac.

An eclectic combination of rare Italian and Sicilian marbles and alabaster stretch from floor to ceiling; unorthodox stained glass windows glow as the sun circles around the house to bathe the hall in blue, green, red and purple light; cut crystal stars embedded in the glass pepper tiny rainbows over the marble – together characterising but a fraction of the divinely surreal Marble Hall.

Themes of astronomy and astrology grace the stunning vaulted ceiling, which soars to a dramatic height of 80 feet. Should you look up you will find glass stars of the northern hemisphere, each one exactly in its course, and encased in silver. Scattered around the ceiling in gold are characters from Greek mythology, and in white the representations of the celestial bodies, imposed over their constellations.

A space of considerable mystery even during its construction, as future Prime Minister Lord Rosebery would highlight:

Rumours point to it as something beyond the Arabian nights. Lord Rosebery ~ 1885