Marble Chapel

The Jewel in Mount Stuart's Crown

Lined with brilliant white Carrara marble interspersed with thin veins of white grey, this stunning chapel's beauty is unrivalled in Scotland. A divine and ethereal place of worship and reflection, the Marble Chapel is perhaps the jewel in Mount Stuart's crown.

Sunlight transforms the marble pink as it pours through the ruby red glass of the Clerestory, redolent of the Byzantine churches the 3rd Marquess so admired. 

The circular design of the Cosmati-style floor – reminiscent of that to be found in the Sistine Chapel – symbolises the elements of earth, air, fire and water.

Reputed to have been inspired by the La Seo Cathedral in Saragossa, Spain, the chapel was commissioned by the 3rd Marquess in 1896 and was completed 102 years later in 1998. The exceptional design combines aspects of French, Spanish and Italian Gothic style, together forming the zenith of the Marquess' architectural vision. Tragically dying four years into its construction, he would never see his beloved chapel finished.