Horoscope Room

Marvellously Eccentric

Marvellously eccentric, the Horoscope Room is imaginatively dedicated to the cosmos. Once Lord Bute's private sitting room, it takes its current name from the astrological ceiling which depicts the exact alignment of the planets on the date of his birth: the 12th of September, 1847.

The original design on canvas, complete with tissue paper stars and planets, suffered enormously with time, and in the 1980s Tom Errington was commissioned to paint a replica onto the ceiling. One change, however, was made: the addition of Pluto, which had yet to be discovered when the original had been created over a century earlier. Unfortunately however, Pluto's planetary status has since been revoked!

Transformed by the 6th Marquess into his bedroom, the room now boasts a grand bed, complete with carvings by Sue Wright. Perched upon the two corners at the foot of the bed you will find Reynard the Fox, playing a lullaby on the psaltery to symbolise night; and Grimbard the badger, tooting the bagpipes to end your slumber.

At the room's far end, light pours through ornate marble archways – beyond is Lord Bute's adjoining Conservatory; a once forgotten, now prosperous space abundant with vibrant greenery.

The Conservatory was used as an operating theatre was during the First World War.