Glorious Gallery

Natural light cascades into this glorious gallery through a series of circular, coloured windows in the ceiling known as oculi. Like the stained glass windows of the marble hall, these portholes also correspond to the colours of the seasons, with each hue slowly lending itself to the next.

No fewer than 128 classical portraits peer down from the ceiling. Designed by the hand of H W Lonsdale, each figure may be traced to ancient Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. Amongst the deities featured are Psyche; the lover of Cupid; Pandora, complete with box; and Brunhilde the Valkyrie – Bute being an aficionado of Wagner's operas.

The ceiling of the Gallery is painted with portraits of 128 female deities from ancient Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.

Yet the classical goddesses and renaissance architecture contrast to the neo-gothic character of Mount Stuart, even in this space. The glowing bronze railings to be found in the gallery are replicas of those to be found in the Palace Chapel in Aachen – the tomb of the Emperor Charlemagne. Combined with the clever use of mirrors which give the impression of never-ending corridors, the Gallery's ambience is quite celestial.