Kitchen Garden

Nurturing a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers and home to our happy company of chickens and bees. Here you'll also find the fabulous David Austin new English rose. 

A botanical gallery of parallel lines interrupted by splashes of vivid colour, the Kitchen Garden is a feast for the eyes, as well as the palate!


Garden Map (pdf, 2051KB)

Explore the gardens with our handy map.

Inspired by the Victorian Pinetum, the celebrated garden designer Rosemary Verey remodelled the gardens in the early 1990s, using as its centrepiece the large glass Pavilion acquired from the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival by the 6th Marquess. Housed inside you will discover the Chinese Chimonanthus zhejiangensis, whose white flowers lightly fragrance the pavilion in the autumn; Melia azerdarach, the dried seeds of which are used to make necklaces; and Musa sikkimensis, a Himalayan banana plant.

The garden itself nurtures a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers, including the fabulous David Austin new English rose which you may find intertwined with both culinary and medicinal herb beds. 

Mount Stuart eggs and honey are a particular favourite, diligently produced by our happy company of chickens and bees all ably assisted of course by our equally diligent happy gardeners.

The glass Pavilion was bought by the 6th Marquess from the Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988.